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    This isn't required reading--most of the ways to get around are pretty intuitive--but there are some shortcuts to getting around, and we thought we'd let you know by listing them here.

    The first is one we've already snuck onto the How-To-Order page. It is just that you can use your keyboard to go from one card to the next, when you are looking at a single full-size image on the page. Easier than clicking the arrows. To get to that point, though, you can click through the hierarchy of pages, and finally get to the level where you can view the individual cards. Or, by clicking on the menu on the left on the style and price you want, you will save yourself a few clicks and, perhaps, and train of thought. If you don't see the menu--the whole list of items all down the left side of the page--click on the word 'menu' in front of 'home' at the top left. The navigation bar at the top of most pages is helpful, too. that is the line that starts out with "home"

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    How to Order

    List cards you would like to order. Each card can be identified by the letter/number combination underneath the full-size image. To go to the next image, click the right or left arrow, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. All cards are originals by Helen Eddy, made in the USA, in New England. They are blank inside and signed on the front or back. It isn’t possible to order in quantities. Each image represents a single card. Call 617 864-7369 or click here to email After you give us your order, we will calculate shipping charges, and tell you the total. We accept personal checks or PayPal. We ship promptly, via USPS (Priority, “A” or “B” Regional Rate). If you want to estimate shipping charges yourself, go to Since the weight of the cards varies widely, enter 3 lb.—regional rate is flat rate according to zone, anyway. We ship from zip code 02138. If you have questions or concerns, Helen or David would be happy to help. Helen can even pick out cards for you if you’d like.